Raw double thick glass rolling tray 3
Ex Large Raw Glass Tray
Ex large Glass raw tray
Double Thick Glass Rolling Tray
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BIIIG Stiiizy Battery 
Provides stronger rips, and has longer lasting battery life.
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Bellos Pod Battery 
  • Battery capacity 320mAh
  • consistent power outlet 
  • haptic feedback 
  • customization friendly
  • stealthy breathing indicator light 
  • usb rechargeable battery 
  • fits any POD 
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Boss Bong 
8 inch boss bong 
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Stiiizy battery 
Stiiizy starter kit (battery and charger)
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Contents Include:
  • Mouthpiece 
  • dab it
  • titanium tip
  • qurtz tip
  • glass dish
Raw double thick glass rolling tray 3
Glass Raw Tray
small glass tray small
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Stiiizy Battery
Black tray
Black Raw Tray
Large Black Raw Tray
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Scorch Torch 
Scorch torch and included butane refill 
Img 2474
CBD Bath Salts 500mg
Babylon Garden CBD bath salts 500mg
  • Peppermint
  • Vanilla
  • Lemongrass
  • Lavender 
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PlUME battery + Charger 
3 clicks to adjust voltage
5 clicks to turn on and off
2 clicks to preheat for 15 seconds 
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Hand Blown Glass Pipes
Multi design glass pipes
Raw tray 01
Raw Tray
Raw tray medium 
420 glass
420 Glass Cleaner
Formula 420 soak and rinse
Magnetic Backwoods Tray
Raw Hydrostone
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Metrix Nector collector 
Contents Include:
  • Mouthpiece 
  • dab it
  • titanium tip
  • qurtz tip
  • glass dish
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​​​​Blo wood grinder
Black and Rose gold accents
large/ Kief catcher 
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Large Grinder
Green, Blue, Red
Keif catcher 
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Metrix battery 
Metrix universal cartridge battery 
  • Yellow 
  • black 
  • purple 
  • green 
  • orange 
  • red
  • Pink 
  • white 
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Grinder with kief catcher 
Medium and small
Red, Gold, Green, blue 
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Glass Jar
Glass Flower Jar
  • Keeps flower fresh 
  • Odor eliminator 
  • Hold up to 5 grams 
Rolling tray 
Medium rolling tray
available in
yellow with purple
and blue with purple as seen in image
5 things you 1
Dab bowl Cover / Carb Cap
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Butane Fuel
Ronson butane fuel
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Glass Rig Bowl 
Bowl heaads
Bowel Heads
Standard size. Options may vary. If a different size is needed let us know ! We will try to get it 1-2 business days later
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Glass Down Stem 
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Dab Tool
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Rosta Ashtray
Small glass rosta ashtray 
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Skull ash tray
small glass skull ash tray
OOZE smart charger
usb smart charger
King size papers
King size raw papers
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High Hemp organic wraps 
Tobacco Free
cookie and bubble gum
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Raw papers
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Plastic grinders 
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Mini glass pipe 
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Afghan Hemp wood
  • Organic 
  • GMO
  • Tobacco
  • Filter tips
Raw t
Raw Tips
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Bugler papers 
Bugler rolling papers 1 1/4 
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High Roller papers